「to Advance Knowledge for Humanity」

We are a venture company from The University of Aizu, pursuing intellectual creation in a privileged environment surrounded by nature around Aizu Basin. We mainly develop application software for smartphones, such as iOS / Android applications.
"To Advance Knowledge" was raised as a slogan by the National Association of US Universities in 1900 and knowledge took a great step forward as it was promulgated in this slogan.

"As a result, people have developed technologies for destructing the Earth for war."
"Extending knowledges is good but let's extend our knowledge that will be useful for developing of humanity." (Professor Toshiyasu L. Kunii, the first president of The University of Aizu)

This is the philosophy of the University of Aizu - "to Advance Knowledge for Humanity". As a venture from the University of Aizu, we set out the philosophy of the University of Aizu and send the advanced knowledge and technology for the human race to the world.

Company Profile

Trademark Aizu Laboratory, Inc.
Address 53 Inter-Nishi, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima 965-0059, Japan
TEL +81-242-23-8285 FAX +81-0242-23-8286
Date of establishment January 4, 2007
Capital Capital 29.5 million JPY
President & CEO Kunihisa Matsunaga
Number of employees 23 people
Business hours 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (1st Monday in June - 4th Friday in September from 8: 30 ~ 17: 30)
Holiday Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, New Year's holiday, Summer holiday, GW
Main business R&D of new technologies related to the computers field.
Bank reference "Toho Bank" Aizu Apio Branch
"Mizuho Bank" Aizu Branch
Certification registration
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January 2007 Established NST Laboratory, Inc.
Establishment of its headquarters in Aizuwakamatsu Ikkimachi tsuruga.
February 2007 Awarded the title "The first venture enterprise from Aizu University".
January 2008 Awarded IT Technology Certificate from Aizu for "Web application diagnosis ASP".
January 2012 Awarded IT Technology Certificate from Aizu for "Weather caricature (Tenkigiga)".
April 2012 Trademark is changed to “Aizu Laboratory, Inc”.
Moving the headquarters to Aizuwakamatsu city center 3-chome for further business expansion.
December 2012 Registration of "Yubisashi Navi (Finger Navi)" trademark No. 5543389
January 2013 Obtained the certification of IT technology from Aizu for "Yubisashi Navi (Finger Navi) for local sightseeing".
February 2013 Head office is relocated to Aizuwakamatsu-shi inter west for further business expansion.
October 2013 Winning the best award at 1st Tunnel Theater Animation Contest (sponsored by Aizu Railway Co., Ltd.).
January 2014 Awarded IT Technology Certificate from Aizu for "Apoli".
November 2014 Becomes a subsidiary of Nihon Enterprise Co., Ltd.
February 2016 Awarded IT Technology Certificate from Aizu for "Easy-to-install multi-function power visualization system for home".